Vegavero Vegan Oils - high-quality plant oils, that offer an interesting alternative to powder supplements. Oil has the advantage, that the bioactive ingredients are in a more concentrated form, of which a small part would be lost in the drying process for powder. For example, the fat-soluble components within oil are more bioavailable and as such will be better absorbed by the body, compared to their powder form equivalents. ur target with our Vegan Oils was to create a high-quality plant oil, that was in line with our ethos of purity and quality. We also had to find a completely vegan capsule shell, as most other capsules used for oil supplements are made from animal products. The innovative GreenCaps liquid capsules are not only free from gelatine and chemical fillers and release agents, but also more stable and leakproof than traditional soft gel capsules. Therefore, we can provide a clean and harmless product. As well as functional oils such as cold pressed Organic Black Seed Oil and our innovative combinations of evening primrose oil and Borage, we offer fat soluble vital- nutrients such as vega Omega-3 from Algae oil, and vitamin K2 & D3. Vegavero Vegan Oil s- high quality oils from natural sources in specialised vegan capsules, without gelatine and unwanted additives.