Vegavero To-Go – these are supplements in a practical and innovative spray format. Whether its essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D3, or functional ingredients like melatonin and Q10 – our mouth sprays are the ideal companion for on the go. The spray format makes the product easy to use and easy to dose and is therefore ideal for people, who are looking for a convenient alternative to capsules, tablets, or oil drops. In addition, the oral application allows for very efficient absorption of nutrients, that is absorbed directly through membranes in the mouth. As always, we check our Sprays for artificial flavours, aromas, and sugars. Instead, we use natural, ‘teeth friendly’ sweeteners und fruit concentrates, which gives our sprays an individual, pleasant, and fruity taste. Vegavero To-Go – these are liquid supplements in a handy spray bottle – perfect for on the go.