Meet the team!

She always has a solution no matter what the problem is. During her free time (which is very little), she enjoys solving crossword puzzles. She is an ever-lasting teenager despite being a mom. She loves TV shows.

He is a multitasker at Vegavero. He is a professional optimistic person. During his free time, he is both a baker and a marathon runner. (Best time 3:29).

Father of three and passionate by Aikido with a vegan lifestyle. If you have a question about computer science, he is your man. He is by far the fussiest (at times a bit too much).

Italian-Swiss perfectionist. Fitness and healthy food addict (she likes to cook with no ingredient). Mom of the nations. At the office, she is better known as the terrifying Sergeant Hartman.

Ecological thinker. Forever economical and precise logistic optimizer. Italy-lover: cities, food and culture. He knows everything (for real, everything) about cinema.

She recently became a mom and already tries to teach her daughter Graphic Design software. Dream-catcher and endowed with a zen spirit, no one has ever seen her angry!

Professional optimistic person, straight from the South of Spain. 4 stars-cook of tofu with avocado. No one enjoys German beer more than she does.

Creative lunatic, responsible for Social Media. She grew up with Art Museums and De Andrè. Fond of photography. Fan of Tarantino and Wes Anderson’s movies.

Famous food blogger. During company dinners, her dishes are always to first ones to vanish.

She likes to ride a bike or to have a walk in a forest, and mostly does both at the same time. She cannot live without electronic music nor without contemporary dancing.

French girl with a Vietnamese background. A true travel and social media addict. You'll never see her without her phone and she'd walk to the ends of the earth just to get the perfect picture.

Tree hugger and ecological philosopher in his spare time. Enthusiastic yogi involved in the alternative subculture of Berlin. Finds peace in sailing and daily meditation.

Italian relocated in France for years, lover of mountains and dumplings (Knödel). Curious and passionate, she travels as soon as she gets the chance. If possible, on a train.

Bookworm from Berlin who loves both nature and the pulsating city life. Certified animal lover with her own furry companion. Prefers eating over cooking - but always vegan.

Ecotrophologist from Western Germany with close family ties - Passionate tea drinker who likes to get to places by foot - Identical twin and Tae-Bo addict

Long-time Berlin resident with an incredibly creative streak – has no orientation without a navigation system but is a professional with brushes and colors – a bookworm with a preference for romance and a passionate keyboard player.