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24.07.2020 14:00
Triphala - All Good Things Come in Threes
In Ayurveda, the number three stands for balance and finds a central meaning in the theory of Tridosha. Ayurvedic medicine often uses Triphala as a central pillar for therapies that mainly targets the stomach and intestine. However, due to the complexity of the three power berries, Triphala is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Discover more in our blog.
17.07.2020 16:24
Iodine Deficiency: Is Salt The Only Solution?
Iodine is essential in our body for the production of thyroid hormones. Hard to believe, but true: Europe is an iodine deficiency zone! The average daily requirement for iodine is 150 μg - which about 40% of the population fail to reach. An undersupply of iodine can therefore lead to serious health problems, such as reduced physical and mental performance and increased susceptibility to infections.
08.07.2020 15:55
Forever young? How Resveratrol Influences the Mechanisms of Aging
We all have noticed and most likely already used them – the beauty products and supplements that promise firm, wrinkle-free skin and “everlasting youth”. But, as we all hopefully know, most of these products promise more than they can deliver. Nonetheless, there is one fascinating substance that stands out when it comes natural anti-aging agents and that is resveratrol.
03.07.2020 16:30
On The Sunny Side of Life: How to Protect Our Skin from UV-Damage?
The sun's warmth on our skin is pleasant, however, UV rays, which can certainly make you tan, can also be very harmful to your health. Excessive sunbathing can damage the DNA in our skin cells and produce genetic mutations, which may lead to premature skin aging (photoaging) and increase the risk of skin cancers. Through this blog, let's discover how to protect our skin from the outside but also from the inside.