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28.05.2020 16:20
Our Natural Magnesium: The All-Rounder Mineral for Our Health
A sufficient supply of magnesium is crucial – for muscle function, energy and the nervous system. Our natural magnesium supplement provides magnesium sustainably sourced from the clean waters off the Irish coast.
28.05.2020 16:07
Our Natural B Vitamins: Don’t worry – B Happy
B vitamins are water-soluble, essential nutrients that have a variety of synergistic functions. Compared to synthetic vitamin B products, our B vitamin complex contains all 8 B vitamins naturally sourced from quinoa seed extract.
28.05.2020 15:35
Our new product line: Vitamins and Minerals from Nature
Good dietary supplements should provide the highest possible quality micronutrients in sufficient quantities. That is why we have developed our Vegavero Natural line, which includes vitamins and minerals of purely natural origin. 
30.04.2020 14:41
Vegavero Sport: For the responsible Athlete
Starting an exercise regimen can be intimidating – even more so the search for a sports product specifically designed to meet one’s needs and fitness goals. We totally understand, which is why we have developed our Vegavero Sport Line including products that specifically focus on the different needs of physically active people.